Tuesday, December 8, 2009

World Economic and Financial Crisis

As we read papers and waching Tv the hot topic is economic and finanancial crisis all over the world. The question is who is responsible for this.
Now a days world is suffering from heavy financial and economic crises and especially thrid world. These have been created too recently. Two years ago there was quite different on papers. Is Bush responsible for all that?He might have some part to play because he was the president of a strongest country in the world and many third world countries depend upon United States to held their economy good.Bush spent eight years as a President of United states. His weak policies made the world financially weak and even United States suffering from crisis. Many Banks have to see the downfall in economic circles and they have been put to wall by the global financial crisis.Bush did war against terrorism and nothing else. As a result we cannot defeat terrorists and we went down. Terrorism has flourished and we,the people are suffering.

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