Wednesday, December 16, 2009

US & Financial terrorism

US economy is towards downfall. In fact it is the historical period for the world. Ever growing US economy is going to be spoiled in few years. All the economists are working it out and wondering that how it has happened?
Nations who were idealizing US in the past in its economy are now cursing US for the global economic loss and considering US for this fall back in economic sector. US banking systems were being copied through out the world and was considered to be the best in the world...then what actually happened that the major banks has put themselves against the walls by themselves?
This is not only the one reason for this global economic crisis.....war against terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan is eating US economy and billion of dollars are just being wasted and US is earning nothing, neither the strong hold in these territories not the end of terrorists.
World will be in the biggest crisis in the future if US remains in these territories. People are reminding each other the days of Vietnam War in which US did the same mistake...
What mistake US actually did?
Its a big question and will be discussed soon on this blog.

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